Michael Novotny is an young photographer from Prague, Czech republic where he graduated from the Czech University of Life Sciences in 2013 receiving a Master degree in Landscape Architecture. He’s always been strongly influenced by the nature and even more after the environmental studies what’s reflected in his work.

Living half-nomadic life Michael spent year 2015 in Iceland, currently lives in Swiss Alps and travels whenever it is possible. He visited more than 40 countries in last couple of years. Using only analogue techinques over the years he developed unique style and during his travels he’s capturing the worldwide landscapes in its rawness with a dreamy and mysterious touch and joy of traveling.

In a recent works „We lost the Sea“ and „Kallaalit Nunaat“ he‘s shiftting his attention to a socio-environmental storytelling document. The first named was shot in Uzbekistan, focused on an ecological disaster of drying Aral sea. The other one captures how todays life in Greenland is involved by modern technology and world and how the old unspoiled spirit of wildernees life and self-sufficinecy is slowly being replaced by western life-style

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