Michael Novotny is an young award-wining photographer from Prague, Czech republic where he graduated from the Czech University of Life Sciences in 2013 receiving a Master degree in Landscape Architecture. He’s always been strongly influenced by the nature and even more after the environmental studies what’s reflected in his work.

Shorly after his studies he decides to leave big city life and change it for half-nomadic way of living. Michael‘s spent last years partly in Iceland, Swiss Alps and Czech republic and travels whenever it is possible. He has visited more than 50 countries over the last decade. Using mainly analogue techinques over the years he developed unique style and during his travels he’s capturing the worldwide landscapes and its inhabitants in their rawness with a dreamy and mysterious touch.

In his recent works he‘s shiftting his attention to a socio-environmental storytelling document. Especially interested and fascinated by a remote parts of the world, where the influence of our western society and life-style isn’t that strong yet, but slowly permeates the communities.

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