White but dark. That’s how the year starts. Dreary but beautiful. That’s how the winters are. The magical island in the frothy waters of Atlantic ocean is covered in the snow blanket and almost endless night. The freezing cold, windy and inclement weather indescribably belong to Icelandic winter. But you’re safe and warm at home in your wool sweater, drinking coffee and watching waves whipping the shore – one after another. Days are short, sun barely shows up just to say its „hi“ and it goes back down to light up another parts of our world. But it’s not the only suns presence at this time of year – sometimes its particles decide to paint the night sky green and violet and amaze us by the aurora borealis miracle. As the nights are getting shorter, snow slowly disepaers from snowy volcanic peaks and frozen waterfalls melts to show their summer face. The hybernating nature comes to life in a very lingering pace as the bleak landscape is turning green and birds are coming back to their summer nesting places. All of sudden the former desolate sceneries are blooming with spring flowers. Horses are shedding their warm winter fur and the omnipresent newborn lamb and their mothers are filling the farmlands. The winter is officially over, even though the temperature still speaks differently. Spring is short and before you even noticed that it’s really here it turns into the summer. Summer with it’s never ending day – the sun always hides itself behind the horizon for a few minutes at least before it enlightens the landscape in the middle of the night again. For couple of months the mother nature tries to befriend us with warmer and windless days. Ocean is calmer, mountains bright green and even the most remote parts on inner higlands open up. Sheeps roam free in the vast mountains and as first leaves on the rare trees start to turn yellow, they know it’s their time to go down for „réttir“, the annual sheep gathering. And as they diseppear from the landscape the colours are turning yellow, orange and red and horses are growing back winter furs. The autumn covers the country in the darkness again. The first snow is just around the corner and soon everything will be white and dark.

Takk fyrir for being our home for that beautiful 4 years!

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