The magical island in the frothy waters of Atlantic ocean welcomed us by a freezing cold, windy and inclement winter. But this is the kind of winter and weather that indescribably belong to the Iceland. Long nights and short days, northern lights dancing above our heads on the nightsky, frozen waterfalls and vulcanic peaks covered by snow – that’s the winter face of Iceland. With the beginning of spring day becomes longer, but journey to the summer is still going to be very lenghty – finally in May colours are slowly changing and green starts to dominate the bleak landscape. Together with the green, tousands of migrating birds flooding the land and nature is awaking. Meadows are livening with fresly born lambs bleating and horses are shedding their winter furs. Spring is slowly spilling over into the summer. Suddenly last snow reminders are disappearing and that few trees you can find here show their leaves to the sun. Summer months are not far from a polar day, but the sun always hide itself behind the horizon for a few minutes at least, before it enlightens the landscape in the middle of a night again. But even summer is not very kind to local inhabitants and visitors when it comes to a weather and it is leaving same qickly as it appeared. And together with the summer we’re leaving Iceland also..

Takk fyrir for being our home for that beautiful nine months!

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